Terms of service

XNUMX General
Private and business customers (the “Customer”) can purchase HIPHIP designed from the online store
products as well as collaborative performances and in-house live production. Ecommerce
Finnish law and these order and delivery terms apply to orders and deliveries
(“Order Terms”) that are publicly available in the Online Store. HIPHIP has the right
change the Order Terms. The changes will take effect on the stated date.

2.Customer service
Customers can buy HIPHIP products from the online store without registering for the service. Here
the contact details provided by the subscriber are used primarily to deliver the order placed; and
processing of a payment transaction. The customer is obliged to hand over when placing the order
their contact information, which includes e-mail address, phone number, and name and address
Companies can place an order by e-mail info@hiphip.fi
More detailed processing of customers' personal data is described in the HIPHIP data protection clause.

3. Product prices

The price valid in the online store at any given time is shown on the product presentation pages and the order
in connection with the confirmation in the order lines of the e-commerce Shopping Cart. Prices include at any given time
24% of the VAT in force.
The price of the product is determined by the price valid at the time of ordering. HIPHIP reserves
the right to change the prices of products.

4. Right of delivery and return of products

Delivery time for physical products in stock is 4-6 business days. If the ordered product is not
not available in stock when your order arrives, we will send the products in return.
Tickets for the performances and related information will only be provided electronically by email.
Delivery costs to the home country are:
Postal parcel & Parcel machine: 6 €
Shipping costs abroad are:
Postal package: 20 €
The order is delivered to the pick-up point chosen by the customer (parcel machine or pick-up point).
Customer orders are delivered to the address provided by the customer in connection with the order
to the pick-up point in accordance with The customer is responsible for the correctness of the delivery address.
The product purchased from the online store can be returned free of charge within 14 days
receipt by mail as a customer return. The product must be unused,
marketable and carefully packaged. You must enclose a copy of the mailing list or a letter
showing the subscriber's name, address and order number and the account number to which the money will be returned.
Return address is:
Loading bus 1 A, 60100 Seinäjoki. HIPHIP has the right to collect orders not picked up
costs incurred by the customer.
Upon return, the customer is obliged to present a proof of purchase, receipt or other

5. Payment methods

The order can be paid for by online payment using the online banking IDs provided by the bank
Using the Paytrail payment service.

6.Order confirmation

The order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the subscriber.

7.Invalid delivery

HIPHIP is responsible for the statutory liability for defects in the products. If the delivery is incorrect or
If the product is damaged, the error must be reported immediately to customer service
at info@hiphip.fi. A description of the product defect must be included. The customer is
return incorrectly delivered products or damaged product in accordance with section 4
as a customer return without undue delay. The error is generally reimbursed free of charge
by supplying a flawless product in its place. If this is not possible, the price paid for the product
paid to the account specified by the subscriber when the defective product is received as a return.
The consumer has a statutory right to submit a dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board or similar

8. Limitation of Liability

HIPHIP is not responsible for causing force majeure or similar cause
delays and not damages. HIPHIP is not responsible for any errors in the products
damage caused by HIPHIP is not liable for any damages resulting from
use of the products or services or any consequential damages. HIPHIP is not responding
interference from an external technical partner during the performance or possible
suspension of the performance.

9. Changing online content and product selection

Before placing an order, the subscriber must read the valid order terms HIPHIPIN
Inquiries related to online orders are answered by HIPHIP's customer service by e-mail:

10.Consumer protection and other legislation

These order conditions are without prejudice to any consumer law or other regulations that are binding on the Customer
rights arising from mandatory legislation.

In case of complaints and errors, the Customer can contact customer service by e-mail:

Any disputes between HIPHIP and the Customer will be resolved by the parties
negotiations. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the dispute will be resolved
In the Seinäjoki District Court. The customer can also bring an action in that locality
in the lower court in whose jurisdiction he is domiciled.
In the event of a dispute, the consumer also has the opportunity to refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board
to be dealt with.